digital marbling circles


You hardly ever see circles in marbling. This is surprising to me, because I don’t believe it is difficult to create them physically.

Circles are certainly quite easy to generate in a simulation, and you can create many attractive effects with them.

This pattern was inspired by the five Olympic rings. The palette consists of the five Olympic colours on a white background.

digital marbling olympic rings

Here is a detail from the Olympic rings:

digital marbling olympic rings circles

This is a Gelgit overlaid with a grid of circles that alternate between clockwise and anticlockwise.

digital marbling curl gelgit

This pattern is created by the intersection of two equally sized circles and looks a little like the Yin Yang symbol, so I decided to make one in black and white.

digital marbling yin yang

The next image consists of four “stacks” of four circles each. The previous black and white image corresponds to the top of one of the stacks.

digital marbling circles
digital marbling circles

Here is a detail from the previous image (computed at a much higher resolution):

digital marbling circle

We created this pattern for the #welovechallenge25 on Instagram, who specified the palette.

digital marbling circles


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