digital marbling fishtail


This is another non-traditional pattern that you don’t see very often. For obvious reasons, it is called Fishtail, or sometimes Whale Tail.

This blue-green example begins with a downward Nonpareil, followed by a rightward wide rake (which produces the Icarus pattern) and then finally a wide downward and upward rake.

digital marbling fishtail
digital marbling fishtail

Since it’s a fish tail, a small amount of waviness seems appropriate.

(I made a mistake while generating this pattern which led to a rather pretty result.)

digital marbling fishtail

Here is a detail from the previous image computed at 4x the resolution:

digital marbling fishtail



    Hello ,

    Please let me know whether you provide short videos showing the sequence of steps that make the different patterns featuring on your site . I have found very interesting and helpful your video about the Bird Wing pattern . I am a new marbler and teacher and I would like to try several patterns before practicing them with my students in our cultural workshops . Thank you in advance .

    • graham


      Yes, I do make videos occasionally.

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