digital marbling nonpareil


Nonpareil is the most commonly seen traditional marbling pattern. It forms the basis for many of the more complicated patterns, especially Cathedral, Icarus and Bouquet/Peacock.

The Nonpareil is created using a single, straight fine comb over a base pattern, which is usually a Chevron or similar. Here is a short video showing the Nonpareil coming to life from a Chevron.

On this page, I have mostly used palettes of muted colours, especially reds and browns, which are typical for vintage marbled papers.

digital marbling

Occasionally you see old Nonpareil patterns that are irregularly spaced. Apparently this was due to the marblers’ combs getting bent out of shape from use. It’s not difficult to emulate this effect in the simulation:

digital marbling
digital marbling
digital marbling

Does it still count as Nonpareil if the fine comb stroke is a little wavy?

digital marbling wavy nonpareil


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