digital marbling bookbinding

Paper for Bookbinding

Marbled papers have been used in bookbinding for hundreds of years. They are used both as endpapers and as covers. 

I have found that A2 is the most convenient paper size; it provides enough material to cover an A4-sized book and is easy to store.

My local printer offers both matte and semi-glossy finishes; I find that traditional patterns usually look better with matte, while modern designs work better with semi-glossy. 

This design is composed of vortices over a chevron overlaid with a fine comb. I used it to cover an A5 notebook inspired by a stab bound notebook by Caroline Aldersey of (A friend had purchased one for me as a gift.) The paper is by Cockerell Marbled Papers. 

stab bound book

The Cockerell paper on Caroline Aldersey’s stab bound notebook.

digital marbling notebook cover

The digitally marbled paper on a notebook of my own

This is an A5 notebook I bound in black imitation leather. The end paper is my first ever attempt  (if you look closely, you can see that the gluing is a little uneven). The marbling pattern is a design of my own that I call Fleur de Lis.





digital marbling end paper fleur de lis