A Rebound Book From 1845

I discovered A Series of Designs of Furniture & Decoration in the Styles of Louis XIVth, Francis Ist, Elizabeth, and Gothic by Henry Wood for sale on the Rooke Books website. It has an attractive marbled cover with a pattern I have never seen before. The book was published in 1845, but according to the bookseller, it has been rebound; so the cover is more recent.

The base pattern is a Nonpareil, which is normal enough. However, it has widely spaced strokes in alternate directions that are not parallel to the edges of the pattern. Instead, they run about -19° to the horizontal. These strokes interact with the Nonpareil in unusual ways and generate interesting effects.

Below is my digital re-creation of the book cover. I used this five-colour palette.


digital marbling palette
digital marbling diagonal stroke

Here is an alternative version of the pattern. I have used a palette that feels fresher while (hopefully) keeping the flavour of the original. The Nonpareil is slightly less dense, and I have moved the diagonal tines closer together.

digital marbling henry wood cover